The Old Man and His Pets


James Pack was a 58-year old man, loved and cared for his pets like they were his own children. He owned two dogs, named Bailey and Blaze. Unfortunately, his health was on a constant decline, he even suffered a heart attack. He was admitted to the hospital for surgery. Due to which he was not able to take care of his dogs. He requested his family members to take care of the dogs but no one stepped up.

Pack Contacts The Animal Center

James contacted SPCA and First State Animal Center and asked them to take in the dogs.   The Center took the responsibility of the dogs. He was very much attached to his dogs and didn’t want to leave them alone. The animal center assured him that his pets would be all fine. Considering Pack’s health condition, the center decided to keep the dogs for 20, before settling them for adoption.

Unable To Celebrate Blaze’s Third Birthday


The dogs were just 8 weeks old when they became a part of Pack’s family. The pups had grown very rapidly. Bailey was about to turn two, and Blaze was nearly three. As Blaze’s birthday was around the corner, Pack wanted to be with Blaze for his birthday. Unfortunately, he had to stay at the hospital as he suffered a post-surgery infection.

Bad News For James Pack

Moreover, there was a bad news for Pack. The doctors told him that his heart was showing no signs of recovery and his condition was getting worse. Not long ago, Pack also had a paralysis attack which affected his left side of the body. Even in this condition, he was thinking about his dogs. So, he contacted the center and asked about their well being. The officials told him that his dogs were doing great and were at the center premises only. But Pack wasn’t so lucky this year.

The Center was putting Bailey and Blaze up for adoption

The center informed him that it had been over 90 days, and keeping his health in view, they were putting his pets up for adoption.  Lindsay Carrothers, an official of Camden SPCA, told the journalists from the Delaware State News, ‘He didn’t have anybody to take care of his two dogs. But even though Pack could hardly talk, he would still call up to see how the dogs were.’

A Miraculous Recovery

She further said, ‘The dogs are adorable. Pack has trained them to perfection.’ However, despite being very much trained, no dog owner had yet come up for their adoption. Miraculously, Pack started to recover. After getting discharged, he rushed to the animal center to see his dogs, only to know they had been shifted to the SPCA’s Adoption Center, which was situated in Dover.