I think the prom is very serious also. It’s an American ritual, it’s a rite of passage, and it’s very much a part of this country. Looking at my own prom photograph reminds me of how significant that moment was – and how fleeting life is. Mary Ellen Mark, an American photographer shared her experience of a Prom night.

Prom nights are the nights when parents really have to act like parents. However, there’s not as much craze for proms as it used to be 20 years back, teens still get excited for their big nights, however, the girl’s story we are about to share with you is all about a horrible experience when it should have been her prom night!

Last Name Error?

Her name is Clare Ettinger, well that’s what we know, but her last name has been kept a secret as Clare is a minor and her parents didn’t wish to publicize her identity. When the news about this Richmond, Virginia girl went viral people started searching her on social platforms, however, the confusion behind her name increased. The night she planned for weeks and expected to have fun with her friends drastically changed to an awkward moment.