Looking For It

First things first and the first place Mr. Vang went to look for his wallet was the meeting-room but it wasn’t there and when he asked around about it, all he heard was that no one had seen his wallet. Mr. Vang didn’t waste much time worrying and he thought of checking his car for the same but he had to go to his desk first to pick up his car keys. That’s what stress can do to you. He was trying hard to stay calm but the amount of money he had been carrying was quite significant and the very thought of losing it was agonizing for him.

In The Car

Mr. Vang picked up his car keys hoping for the best and headed straight up to the parking. It was the last place where he could have possibly kept his wallet or dropped it and if his wallet wasn’t there then only God knows where else it could be!He checked every corner of his car in an effort to find his wallet but as it transpired, he had actually lost it.