Have you ever lost a wallet or know someone who lost theirs? Then you must be aware of the panic and misery that one feels after losing their hard earned money at the drop of a hat. But what if it’s the other way around. Suppose if you stumble upon a lost wallet that had $1500 of cash in it, would you take it with both hands? Or return it to its rightful owner? We are asking you these questions as this story is about a teenage boy who had found a lost wallet that contained the same amount of cash in it and what he did with it made everyone ask themselves these questions.

The Panic Of Losing A Wallet

Only the person who has lost their wallet can understand the situation of panic that comes along when you check your pocket to only realize that it’s gone. Why is it so worrying? It’s the place you keep your cash, Id’s and credit cards and all of them are gone once the wallet is lost. But the worry doesn’t stop there, one has to block the cards to save themselves from any malicious transactions.

Off To Work

Melissa Vang’s husband was heading to his workplace on a normal Tuesday morning but he had never expected to find himself in an unwanted situation; unfortunately for him, he would soon find himself in the middle of one. He used to travel in his personal car and it was nothing different on that day as well. The day was going smoothly until he realized that his wallet had been lost.

Busy Day

Mr. Vang had been looking forward to this day as he had an important presentation to make at his office. He had been working at the organization for years now and he was one of the most hard-working people you would ever come across. Mr. Vang nailed it in the Conference room and his organization was able to seal the deal with their potential client. It was going to be a long day for him and all he wanted to do for now was to sit down, take a seat and eat.

Ordering Food

Mr. Vang surely deserved a pizza after all the hard-work he had put in and not to say he was starving like anything after spending hours in the meeting-room. So, he decided to order a pizza for himself from his favorite place but as soon as his hand reached in his back pocket to grab his wallet, he realized that it wasn’t where it should be. Had he lost his wallet? Or had he kept it some place else and forgot?

Lost Wallet

When the man was leaving his house for work it was apparently around that time when he lost his wallet. He must have dropped it in the driveway because he remembered having his wallet to himself before that. But it was when he checked his back pocket to make a prepayment for his food, he realized his wallet wasn’t where he usually kept it. He was tensed and to say the least, you too might get surprised after knowing how much money he had lost.

Staying Calm

Mr. Vang tried to maintain his calm and didn’t want to panic at first as there was still a possibility of him keeping his wallet somewhere else. Maybe he had left it in the meeting-room or simply dropped it in his car while paying for the toll. Mr. Vang sipped in some water and rushed towards all the possible places one by one where he thought his wallet could possibly be.