The Extermination Sites

And among several of the extermination camps that were set up on Poland, Sobibor had been set up too. This was an extermination camp where some of the worst killings took place. Like we had mentioned earlier, the Jews and various other marginalized groups such as communists, homosexuals, and Catholics had been sent to be punished. And by punished, we mean death.

A Recent Revelation

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So in the extermination sites like Sobibor, these people had been sent to die. And the way they were made to die was done in some of the most painful ways possible. The Nazis were certainly not remorseful or held back on how severe these punishments were. There was still so much mystery as to how these people were tortured to death and only recently, the details of what exactly went down could be uncovered.

A Part Of Operation Reinhard

There was an extensive amount of new discoveries made in this area. Archaeologists and historians combined to study what had taken place in these camps. This particular camp was also a part of what was called the Operation Reinhard. Operation Reinhard was an operation that led to the loss of lives by about two million people. They were all systematically murdered.

Specifically For Polish Jews

Operation Reinhard had been set up for a particular reason. This was something that would definitely enrage a lot of people in this day and age. The main purpose that this horrific plan served was to specifically deal with the Polish Jews. And by dealing with them, it basically means to eradicate them. It was centered around the killing of any Polish Jew that was discovered by the Nazis.

Brought In Trainloads

Since the Nazis were quite determined to wipe off every Jew from the face of the earth, they put in a lot of effort to do so. The Nazis’ efforts lead to the success of what they called Operation Reinhard. This was considered by many as the most brutal phase during the Holocaust. The victims were brought in using trains, never to get a taste of freedom ever again.

Facing Defeat

But even though the Nazis enjoyed the power and could do whatever they wanted, they were soon faced with troubles of their own as well. By the end of the war, the Nazis were alas defeated by the Allied powers. And so upon seeing this and their inevitable fate was closing in, the Nazis started working towards removing and covering their crimes. They did a lot to hide all evidence that showed their heinous crimes.