Call Of Duty

Over the years, Resnick and Paolo have learned to be prepared 24*7 to receive the call of duty. They have worked on night shifts, on Sundays and even when they had a holiday all planned. They chose this kind of job profile because they didn’t want a 9 to 5 desk job. Sometimes they have even worked for more than 24 hours straight if that’s what their work demanded. They’ve encountered some bitter truths of the society from time to time and the same was going to happen once again…


While they were on the way to the location, one of the officers did a bit of research about this house. But there was nothing about this location on the internet. Looked like just an ordinary place where nothing has happened in the past. But when they reached the spot and met the person who called the officers in the first place, a different story was told.

An Abandoned Home

Dan Resnick and Vincenzo Paolo parked their car a few houses before the reported location; the house they were supposed to investigate. At first, they rang the bell of the house from where they received the call, the person explained the cops the reason behind his call and what concerned him the most. Called To An Abandoned Home

The Inside

There was no arrangement for heat or water or electricity. There were broken pieces of glasses on the floor. There was nothing in the house to eat or to cook. Seeing the whole scene, the cops started talking to a lady and soon they realized the seriousness of the situation.

Nowhere To Go

The woman was having some really bad days. She was fired from her job for the actions that weren’t even hers. As she didn’t pay the house rent for the last two months, the landlord had asked her to leave. Officer Paolo was still talking to the woman while Officer Resnick was examining the rest of the rooms and as he pulled the sheets off an old mattress, he understood that this house was not normal.Feeding And Warming Him