Are we aware of our limits? Does the word ‘limit’ work for every individual? The answer is, no, our species has been proving it since our very existence that we go beyond our limits all the time. As the late American actor, Christopher Reeve once said, “a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

When a baby is born, parents keep high hopes for its future but not everyone is able to fulfill these expectations. Only a few people make it so huge in life that their names become a part of our heritage. This story at first glance might look like a sham but we all know some lives are larger than regular life. Therefore, we would like to tell you that we are talking with proofs here.

Hero Is Born

On 30th March 1874, a baby boy was born to Frederick James Lightoller and Sarah Jane Widdows who used to live in Chorley, Lancashire, England. The couple named their baby as Charles Herbert Lightoller. Just like most of the families of this small town, the Lightoller family was also indulged in the cotton industry. But soon after Charles’ birth, things started to change for this ordinary family when Sarah, his mother fell sick.

Far From The Rest

Since the late 1800s, Charles’ family was into operating cotton-spinning mills in Lancashire. A tragedy took place right after Charles’ birth when his mother, Sarah died after suffering from Scarlett Fever. When Charles was 10 years old, Frederick, his father moved to New Zealand to start up a new venture and the poor little boy was left behind to be looked after by his extended family. 

An Early Awakening

Charles was alone and unique. Unlike his family background, he wasn’t into the cotton industry at all. His life was much more outside a regular cotton mill like most of the British youngsters. He already had exciting plans in his mind and at the age of 13, he took a step closer to his dream life when he went offshores. A more adventurous life awaits Charles to bring out a legend of this young boy.

Sprightly Sea Legsshipwreck

So there he was a 13 years old braveheart on his first sea journey. So far, he was worked on the sea for small tasks. Sailing through the Indian Oceans, at the age of 15 he encountered his first ship disaster when bad weather hit the ship on which he was working as a shipman. The ship sank but Charles survived for much more adventurous events to take place. There was something about this man, wherever he went whatever he does, adventures find its way to him. 

Wrapped In Adventures

Charles’ days on the sea were full of so many jaw-dropping incidents. People who sail throughout their lives also rarely confront more than one such event. His seafaring days took him as far as Indian, Australia,  and Brazilian shores. He and his fellow sailors survived tropical diseases, cyclones, and terrible storms. Till here you must be thinking that every sailor has similar stories to tell but when we tell you his further historic encounters you’ll be nothing but stunned.

Experienced Sailorcharles lightoller

By 1895, Charles was not only learning from all these experiences, also his professional ranks were increasing with every new journey he took across the mighty sea. He was always there at the call for duty. Before he turned 21, he was known as a designated seafarer. When the ship caught fire he exceptionally saved his shipmates’ lives as well as the ship by suppressing the fire. Certainly, all these experiences didn’t go waste when he was about to be a part of 3 of the world’s most well-known events.