It’s A Girl

Joy was 32 years old and pregnant with twins. She and her husband Roberto were thrilled to be expecting, but their excitement was short-lived. The doctor told them that one of the babies was not like a regular baby.

Joy was worried, “what was the gynecologist talking about? How could he say something so vague to me?” the frantic mother thought.

Troublesome Twins

Joy’s pregnancy was difficult, and her doctor advised her to take it easy. She was scared for her babies and didn’t want anything to happen to them. Joy and Roberto named their babies Amanda, the bigger one, and Emily, the premature one.

The couple was worried about their future and what it would hold for their daughters.

Is It Feasible

The expectant couple researched everything they could about pregnancy as they were constantly worried about their girls’ health. Joy was closely monitored by her doctors throughout the pregnancy and was advised to take it easy.

The couple was also worried about the delivery because Joy’s body would be under a lot of pressure. The doctors advised them to wait until the girls were older before undergoing any surgical procedures.

Weighing The Pros And Cons

The couple struggled to accept their new reality. They were worried about their daughters and what the future held for them. The doctors advised that they wait until the girls were older before considering any medical procedures.

Joy was scared for her daughters and didn’t know how she was going to cope. She wasn’t expecting two babies and now one had a chance of being born with some defects. Was it safe to continue with a high-risk pregnancy?

We Are Behind You

Joy’s friends and family were supportive and helped her through this difficult time. They told her that her daughters were beautiful and that everything would be okay. Joy’s mother was especially supportive and helped her daughter adjust to this new chapter in her life.

“All children are God’s gift child. Remember they come through us so we can take care of them” Joy’s mother cooed. Joy found it hard to believe.

Bad News All Around

Joy couldn’t get the doctor’s words out of her head. What was wrong with her children? She kept praying that they would be born healthy and happy with no pain and trauma. But she already knew that she was asking for too much. That was not going to be the case for her babies.

They were experiencing distress even before they entered the world.