In today’s era, no one has time for their near and dear ones and most of the time the job takes up all the time and we are left with none to give it to ourselves let alone others. But when it comes to kids they require special attention from the parents while growing up as they are the ones whose footsteps the kids follow. But in this busy schedule parents are left with no choice but to leave it to the school to help them learn and grow. The question remains would that help them to grow into a better person on their own? In most cases, the answer would be no and with the invention of gadgets and games, the task has become more difficult. But what if the parents themselves wouldn’t take any step when kids misbehave especially in public? In that case, certain other people come forward to teach them basic manners and most of the time it doesn’t end well. A similar incident happened when a kid seemed to forget his manners at a public place and the people weren’t in the mood to let him get away with this and made sure he went home with a lesson.

The Monday Morning

It was one of the usual mornings in November and people were rushing in subways to catch trains. Mondays were generally the busiest day with thousands of people coming back home from weekends and others going to work. And when it comes to New York, every day seems to be like a Monday morning on the stations.


Not many people like to travel in trains as they have to share their seats with unknown passengers so they prefer to commute by their own means. But not everyone on the planet can afford this luxury so they are left with no choice but to travel by public transport. Hence they are bound to meet a variety of people on board. Some people would be welcoming and others might get on our nerves.

That Day

New york’s subway remains busy most of the time and as usual that day too people were coming in and going out of the trains and it could have been considered as an achievement if they manage to get a place to stand inside the train. At a certain station, a kid along with his mother boarded in. Seeing a woman with a kid people offered them their seats out of courtesy.

Oblivious To The World

The guardian which was supposed to be the mother of the kid took the seat along with him without being thankful of the people who had offered them the seats. As the train started they engrossed themselves in their phones. People saw them in horror as they didn’t expect them to behave as such but in no time the environment became as usual.


As the train left many more people boarded in and the seat along the kid got vacated too. The kid was so oblivious to the world that he swirled around and put his feet on the seat and got engrossed in his phone. The most appalling thing was that his mother didn’t say anything and she too, remain engaged in her phone.


Though everyone had their heads in their phones but there was a woman who was sitting in front of the kid and silently watching all this. She was having several thoughts to teach the kid a lesson but wasn’t able to think of the way to do so. She too thought of putting the kid’s photo on the internet as most of the people stay active on it and could teach the spoiled brat a lesson.