Before we introduce you to a girl with stunning looks and her insane story. We would like to quote the words of wisdom of Adolf Hitler, Money glitters, beauty sparkles and intelligence shines. Keep this quote in mind as this story will prove it right.

Out of all the people we come across, some are likable, some are just not right for us, and some seem to be suspicious. Majority of times, we tend to ignore the latter kind but have you ever wondered what could be the reason? Let’s just say this story is full of the limelight, leisure, fame, status, flamboyance and much more that everyone in today’s date needs to be wary about

A Mysterious Woman

A new girl in the New York city was becoming known to every elite New Yorker. She has an image of a tycoon whose upbringing was outside America. She was seen hanging out with rich and famous personalities but that seemed very common as her own background was high class. When gossips started, everyone came up with a different reason for her wealth and background. Her name is Anna Delvey and her life was nothing less of a mystery.

Where From?

Anna Delvey looked like an over-pampered child who recently started appearing in the New York socialite scene. She was also becoming a part of the Soho socialite scene, in short, she made an appearance everywhere anyone would like to be. She had more than 50k Instagram followers. So where was she from? Who were her parents? From where did she get all this money? And why was she mingling up with the glam New Yorkers?


Even though she was spending most of her days in New York, Anna Delvey didn’t belong to America and she didn’t own an apartment. Neither she bought a place for herself nor she ever thought of renting an apartment in the city. A permanent residence was never a concern for her as Anna preferred a much more costly style of living. And nobody actually cared about her living in a hotel or never felt like questioning her as long she had enough money to spend.

Flying Back And Forth

Anna was staying in America on a tourist visa which comes with 6 months validity. Therefore, from time to time she used to fly back to her native country for her visa renewal. With all this reckless spending, Anna was surely having some future plans going on her mind. She had a plot set to start something huge. Less did she know, this ‘something huge’ will be her loss that will take more than one lifetime to recover.

Right Time, Right Place

Whenever any question related to her previous life was asked, everyone had different answers for it. Some said she was looking for the opportunity to be with the right kind of people. The people who’ll prove to be a big help in fulfilling her sole dream. Many were satisfied with the theory that this was the only reason why she was appearing everywhere at the right time; just to achieve her ultimate goal. So what was this ultimate goal?

Hotel To Hotel

Anna Delvey was moving from hotel to hotel every now and then. Her status suddenly rose when she checked into a boutique hotel at 11 Howard Street, a posh Soho location. Without any doubts, her actions and moves always represented that she belongs to a wealthy family. She had that flair in her that she could get whatever she likes.