Loyalty, compassion and unconditional love are the virtues that can be associated with a dog without any doubt. Still, most of us believe and know about their limitations as at the end of the day one has to understand the fact that they are animals. Well, wait, as the dog that we are going to tell you about here did something so extraordinary that it became an overnight sensation and won millions of hearts. I will not be surprised if it tempts you to rethink about your perception on dogs. Read on to find out the incredible story of this dog which will leave you awestruck and inspired to the core!!


Officially known as the United Mexican States, this nation located in the southern portion of North America displays a complex amalgam of indigenous and Spanish culture. From ancient cave paintings, classical monuments and a vast range of music genres to world-class cuisines and passion for sports, one is left completely stupefied after witnessing these sights which this nation offers. But, it was the year 2017 when things changed drastically for this country.


Yes, it is the dog that you see in the image whom I was talking about in the previous slide. Her name is Frida and is a Labrador retriever. You won’t believe that she is the most famous dog in the entire nation of Mexico. But, why? Well,  as of now, I would just give a hint that she is the head of the Mexican navy’s Canine Unit and is used to witnessing the sights that most people would not even dream of. She is one with amazing work ethics and believes in giving her all when it comes to completing the task being assigned to her. Her life and amazing antics will surely leave you in awe and inspire you. Let me first give you a brief idea of the kind of dog she is.

The Saviour

She is of the breed Labrador Retriever. This breed of dogs is one of the most popular in the entire world. The reason being its high intelligence, good temperament and an extremely efficient sense of smell. It is because of these qualities that they are generally being used in navy, police force and militaries as detection dogs. They are highly obedient and can be trained without much hassle. Fortunately, Frida displayed all these characters that too in abundance which eventually, came in handy in situations such as the one with which the entire nation of Mexico was going through.

Mexican Navy’s Elite Unit

The Mexican Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) created a K-9 Unit with the prime objective of conducting search-and-rescue operations. The highlight was the inclusion of a canine team in the unit which consisted of highly trained dogs. The fact of Frida being the head of this team can give you an idea of her high credentials. “In emergency situations, canine search and rescue teams are an important tool at a global level,” Commander Israel Monterde Cervantes, chief of SEMAR’s K-9 Unit, explained Diálogo. “Their efficiency saves us time and is a huge positive for us.”


“We have had many advances in the area of protecting civilians,” Cmdr. Monterde stated. “We are one of the best in this area in Latin America.” These statements arise from the confidence that the officials have on Frida, who is always ready to help them whenever an emergency occurs. Before going into an operation she is made to wear goggles, boots, and a harness just like any other navy personnel. It is after this that she gets ready for action. Astonishingly, Frida has been serving the navy since the day she was born and is currently 7 years old.