If you will ask me, which is the most beautiful and purest sight in the world? My reply would be that of a couple madly in love with each other cherishing and enjoying life. This story is of a couple who would certainly fit into this image. The couple were admired by all and was going through the best phase of their life when things took an unexpected turn and they decided to become one soul. The events that happened after that have garnered the attention of people and media from all over the world. You will surely not be able to help yourself but get emotional and yes, inspired after reading this touching story.

Matthew Logelin was the son of Tammy and Tom Logelin. He was born and raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota and had three younger brothers. The family was “Minnesota nice” in the way they behaved. Yes, “Minnesota nice” has transformed into being just a vague term initially to a real thing now. If you are unaware of it, then let me tell you that the term is used to describe the pleasant, warm and extremely helpful nature of the Minnesotans which you can see them endorsing throughout the state. But, Matt’s life was not that amicable with him. Honestly, “not being amicable” is still too mild a word when describing his life. Read on to find out why?

Found Love!

Matt was a good student during his school days Who knew that this bright boy from Minnesota would fall in love with a girl in a way similar to show in movies. Well, the way everything panned up for him would have surely cemented his belief that he would have done some extremely good deeds in his past life, benefits of which he was reaping now. Wondering what had happened? Don’t worry you’ll find all your answers below.

It was an area gas station where Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman first saw each other. Though the encounter was a short one between the two who were in their high school senior year, it was enough for them two realize that they were made for each other. Eventually, it didn’t take them much time to start dating. But, they were unaware of the fact that their newly born relationship was going to take a drastic turn…