Jerry and Rita had a beautiful love story but this story is not about that. It is about the secret that this much in love couple kept from the world. It is about the side of theirs that they never showed to anyone. The couple had just shifted to New Mexico with their family and in no time became a talking point for the neighbors. They never talked to anyone nor did they let anyone enter their house. No one could ever find out why were they so reserved until the couple took their last breath. The couple had a secret and when the secret came to light it upheaved the entire country. They were not an ordinary couple.

Early Beginnings

Jerry and Rita got moved to the small town of Cliff, NM, in the latter half of the 1970s. The couple was together for many years and had been living a blissful married life. They had come to NM from New York City to enjoy their life to the fullest as Jerry had taken retirement from his teaching career. Jerry was one of the favorite teachers of the students and the credit for that goes to his vast knowledge in art and travel. He was an adventurous person by nature.

A Pair Of Travellers

Jerry had authored many books and was widely respected for his acumen. The man was in love with traveling and by the time he turned eighty the men had seen about 140 countries and had traveled in all the seven continents. Whoever knew him did not forget to mention his warm and well-mannered behavior. But was he really the way he used to appear?

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Better Half

Rita who too just like her husband was well educated, got herself a job of a speech pathologist in a local schooling system of New Mexico. The mysterious couple never mingled too much with others. They always maintained a distance. Furthermore, Rita and Jerry would never let anyone enter their house. It seemed as if they were hiding something. No doubt, their uncanny behavior did make their neighbors suspicious but there was nothing they could do about.    

Gone Past

Strangely, the couple would never discuss their past life to anyone. Even if someone would ask them they would simply dodge the question. They did not tell anyone why they left New York and got moved to a calm place like New Mexico. They said they came here to live a quiet life but anyone could see on their face, they were lying. They had not shifted to this new place because they wanted to lead a quiet life but the true intention was something else.

Kept To Themselves

The couple had a very small family with two children namely Barbara and Joseph. Just like parents, the kids too were of a reserved nature. They hardly had any friends. The two would spend their days playing with each other only. Neighbors suspected that their parents were the one who did not allow them to talk to anyone. But why?


Many years passed by but the couple never threw a bash in their house nor did they invite people over their place. It is not that they were poor to throw any party or lacked any necessary means, it is just that they did not want to. The family never made an effort to socialize with their neighbors. Everyone, who knew them, had just one question on their mind what actually was going on?


However, the family would plan a trip or two in a year. It was clear that the couple loved traveling and would pack their bags whenever they got the opportunity. But them also they would not leave the spare keys to their neighbors in case of emergency. What was so special about their house?