Clipped Wing

Chris Andersen was completely unaware that his simple drive to the Pepsi Center, Denver was going to put a full stop to his amazing basketball career. Well, his career wasn’t all that was about to get affected by the next events but it’ll also be spoiling two lives.

His car was pulled by the police and when he was not even speeding up. Still, he was thinking it to be some sort of misunderstanding that the cops were stopping him. It was going to turn out to be one such a bad day that he’ll never forget for the rest of his life. Chris Andersen catfish

Soaring To The League

Soon the Birdman got the most awaited opportunity. The D-League called upon him and he was signed to play with the Nuggets. The time he joined the team, he was a whole different person. As his hard work finally started to pay off he became one of the known and favorite players of the NBA.

Chris Andersen catfish

The Bird Takes Flight

From his hand till neck and even ears got tattooed. He upgraded his hairstyle too! In no time with his significant game and signature moves, he became an integral part of the team. Birdman was living the time of his life that was soon going to get over once the disaster struck him.


Another saying proved to be exactly right in this case is, “not all can handle success, for most of the people the downfall is faster than their journey to success.” Chris signed a highly profitable deal with the New Orleans Hornets but his downfall was just about to enter. Chris Andersen catfish

Steps To Life

After getting dismissed by the NBA, Chris started to take his life seriously. Birdman started working out to stay fit for the game and played with the NBA players whenever it was offseason. He was trying to improve and that’s when a stranger walked into his life.Chris Andersen catfish