Driving Force

Behind every dreamer, there is always a driving force that makes him/her believe in the ventures. For John, his inspiration was always his mother. He very well remembered the time when his mother used to tell him stories which had encouraged him to become a writer when he grew up. He reminisces, “I would take my mom on trips in the summer, and she would tell me stories.” He added, “I tried to record them, but the minute I pulled out a recorder, she’d clam up.”

Remarkable Woman

Sue was a very kind and adorable woman, she used to befriend anyone in just a few meetings. She loved arranging parties for her friends and was the most wonderful host. Despite having such a wide circle of friends no one had an idea as to where she used to disappear in the evening of every Christmas. Her husband was also confused with her behavior but never inquired about the same.


Nobody in the house or her friends knew where she used to go, they used to make their speculations. Whenever John used to ask his father “Dad, where’s mom?” He would answer, “I dunno, probably shopping.” Even his father wasn’t convinced that she used to go shopping every year.


When they couldn’t find any solid reason behind her absence in the evening of every Christmas, the father gave up and accepted her theory that she used to go shopping to buy gifts and candies for the kids. But whenever she used to return she would often complain that she couldn’t find any good stuff in the market. The family members knew that she would often do all her shopping before Christmas. What was she hiding and why?


They knew it was just an excuse, John’s father didn’t take the matter seriously but John’s curiosity was increasing with each passing year. Sue too was aware that her family was doubtful about her absence still, she used to go every year without a fail. Even after knowing that people were doubting why didn’t she stop going? Several questions were running inside his mind.


As the years passed, John had become more considerate about her mother’s safety than knowing about her secret. He wished if he could talk to her about the same. He wanted to drop her off wherever she used to go. But he didn’t know how would he approach her and what he would say. He was doubtful if she would tell him the truth about her whereabouts when she had kept it a secret for several years.