It is quite unimaginable to think what all an army man goes through in his life. From staying away from his loved ones, to dealing with all kinds of difficult situations that he has to live in, no ordinary man can even think of being in such conditions.

And while keeping us safe, the soldiers themselves go through so much, that many times they struggle with mental peace. The state is so difficult, that they sometimes even think of, and end up taking their own lives. This is the story of one such soldier whose life is changed forever after the Iraq War.

Josh Marino

Young Josh Marino joined the US Army in 2001, and finally stepped on the path of fulfilling his dream of serving the country. After the Iraq War began in 2003, the world was disturbed. Marino was also deployed to Baghdad in 2007, and his life was going to change now.

The Iraq War

The Iraq War started in 2003 and continued for eight longs years, coming to an end only in 2011. The U.S. invaded Iraq because of Saddam Hussein’s threat of his weapons of mass destruction and his ties to terrorism. It was actually a war on terrorism itself.


Josh Marino had just taken a new house in the city of Pittsburgh and was only starting to make the place feel like home when he was called on duty and had to go to Iraq. But the army Sgt. was proud to be able to serve his country and felt no remorse in leaving his new house and the city. 

Tough Conditions

After Josh had been in Iraq for almost three months, he seemed to be going through a tough time. As a soldier, all army men are trained and prepared for the worst and they are taught to live in inhumane conditions, expecting life to never be easy. But some times, a few things take over your mind, without you even being aware of it. 


One night when Josh Marino was walking towards his base camp, there was a blast, and he was attacked. “All of a sudden, there was a massive explosion on the other side of the wall and showered me with rocks,” he recalled the sudden onslaught.


Marino tried to find shelter as soon as he heard the blast, but it was too late. Before he could hide under the concrete bunker, he was hit by flying debris. Josh was injured and had to be taken to the hospital immediately. Thankfully, help arrived for him on time.