Starting All Over

Katie didn’t take long to act upon her idea. She started working again in a well-established organization as an integrated services manager. Her job was to oversee different projects that were assigned to her. She was now working according to a to-do list. The first thing on the list was a job which she finally got. The second thing on her list was going to be a huge surprise for her parents.

A Gift To Herself

Katie wanted to buy a home for herself. When she shared this idea with her parents, they understood that it was their daughter’s attempt to leave the old memories behind and start afresh. After visiting many properties, she eventually bought a four-bedroom house for herself. 

Finding Herself

Katie got the entire place renovated according to her will before officially moving in. When the place looked exactly what she pictured it to be on her mind, she decided it was time. With her little chihuahua, Katie moved to the four-bedroom house. She was looking for two more things to complete her life, ie, peace, and satisfaction.

Am I Ready For It?

After her divorce, she felt sad for a few months but soon she recovered. She was free and independent. Ever since Katie got married, she developed motherly instincts. Sadly, she didn’t have a baby and this was the last piece of happiness that was missing from her perfect picture. 

A Milestone Long Overdue

During her married years, Katie and her husband did try to conceive. However, they failed every time. When the couple checked with the doctors, they were informed about the complications and the faint chances they had for a successful pregnancy. Fertility issues became one of the main cause of her stress and disappointment. One email from her community church was about to bring her a step closer to the biggest turning point of her life.

An Email From The Church

As the people at her church were well aware of Katie’s present condition, they suggested she will be the best choice for becoming a foster mother. Being a foster mom takes a lot of strength as the baby she will take care of will be taken away from her sooner or later. When she read that email, Katie understood this was the moment she had been longing for. This is how it all began; with an email.