On a journey to find herself, Katie took a daring step not once but twice and the outcomes of her decisions became the reason why we selected this story to be shared with our readers.

From Alabama To Denver

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Katie Page was a career-oriented woman when she took a decision to move out of her home city to start a new life in Denver, Colorado. As she grew in age, she realized the importance of relationships over professional life. She found the man she loved and married him. With marriage, she unknowingly embarked on a journey full of life-changing lessons.


A Family Woman

Katie has always been a family woman too. In fact, whenever it comes to choosing between work and relationships, without any second thoughts, she left her work behind and made her loved ones her sole priority. Katie is one of those people who even after knowing the practical sides, chose to act emotionally. As a matter of fact, she never even felt bad for doing what others thought was being too emotional. Sadly, her efforts didn’t work and she gave up on one of the most important relations of her life.

Working Well

For several years, Katie’s professional and personal life went smoothly. Unfortunately, good or bad, time passes and things change with time. What was about to happen next in Katie’s life will affect her so much that she’ll end up quitting her job and even worse, she’ll face a rough time full of downfall.

Rough Times

We all have met at least one such person who was not wrong at his/her place but wasn’t right for us. Something similar happened to Katie’s married life. Both Katie and her husband tried to make it work but it was too late. They were not compatible with each other anymore and the realization of this truth helped them walk out of a depressing marriage. Whatever may have been the reasons, it resulted in a divorce. This brought Katie into a confused state of mind.

Post-Divorce Life

In 2014, after her divorce, Katie was having a difficult time dealing with the loneliness. Her parents and sister were there with her but they cannot be with her all the time. Getting used to the fact that her marriage was over wasn’t easy at all. At times, it made her feel so helpless. But the woman was about to get out of this sad phase of her life very soon.


Katie’s Story

One incident made Katie rethink on what she has been doing all her life and what she should be doing next. “I remember looking in the mirror one day and sobbing at the woman I saw, and I knew I was not the woman my heart desired to be,” she mentioned on her blog. Katie started to give it a thought as she desperately wanted to change her life. Katie knew she has to do something for herself. Little did she know that instead of doing something for herself she’ll be changing so many lives all by her one choice.