Everything becomes tolerable when you have your better half by your side. This story is about a woman who met the most unexpected person and falls for him. Jessica Share was interested in the same gender. And she loved her better half with all that she had. Sadly, she never received any love in return. Her wife did the worst to her and yet Jessica stayed silent. But the result from Jessica’s daughter’s DNA test played the most unusual role in her life. You won’t believe how a DNA test turned around so many lives forever.

A Struggling WomanMom Gave Birth in 2005, in 2017, She Fell in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Jessica Share, a 42-year-old native of Oregon worked as a marketing specialist and was living a successful life. However, all these achievements didn’t come to her easily as she’d to fight for her rights at each and every step of life. Jessica always faced criticisms and people judged her without knowing her as a person.