Everything becomes tolerable when you have your better half by your side. This story is about a woman who met the most unexpected person and falls for him. Jessica Share was interested in the same gender. And she loved her better half with all that she had. Sadly, she never received any love in return. Her wife did the worst to her and yet Jessica stayed silent. But the result from Jessica’s daughter’s DNA test played the most unusual role in her life. You won’t believe how a DNA test turned around so many lives forever.

A Struggling WomanMom Gave Birth in 2005, in 2017, She Fell in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Jessica Share, a 42-year-old native of Oregon worked as a marketing specialist and was living a successful life. However, all these achievements didn’t come to her easily as she’d to fight for her rights at each and every step of life. Jessica always faced criticisms and people judged her without knowing her as a person. 

The Blueprint Of Their Future

Mom Gave Birth in 2005, in 2017, She Fell in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Jessica’s homosexuality was the biggest obstacle in her professional life. Until she met the woman who taught her the meaning of love, filled her days with happiness, and gave her the strength to fight all that kept her from moving ahead in her life. With her, Jessica started to look at the brighter side of everything. 

A Married Life

They managed to convince their friends and families of their relationship. When she was in the mid-20s, Jessica made the biggest decision of her life, to marry her beloved partner. So, on the first anniversary of their relationship, the two women tied the knot in the presence of their closed ones. They had well-settled jobs and were madly in love with each other.

Planning Of Babies

As their relationship grew stronger with time, the two women decided to have babies. They were born in a time when same-sex couples can also have babies with one of the various artificial methods available. As always their family and friends were in support of their decision and Jessica and her wife couldn’t be happier.

Dreaming Of A Big Family

Mom Gave Birth in 2005, in 2017, She Fell in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Both Jessica and her wife always dreamt of having a big family. They planned on having four kids and they even knew what their names will be. They were going through various prospects of fulfilling this dream of their lives. Even the fact that both of them shared exactly the same views about pregnancies and babies. 

First Of Their Kind

They were excited to become the first lesbian couple in American Midwest and it all seemed easy in planning. But when they initiated the process, the real picture appeared in front of them. It was going to be much tougher than it looked during all these months of dreaming and planning.