Camila Ruz who is associated with BBC came across this story and got immediately intrigued by that. She wanted to know more and more about Karl and the mysterious visitor. So she decided to follow this case. She said, “First time I heard the story, it stuck in my mind. What was it that had led someone to do all of this?” Camila said. “So, one day, I just gave his sister a ring.” The beginning of an unbelievable adventure had been made. So an intrigues journalist and a surprised sister had teamed up to solve the mystery. Both the women had different backgrounds whereas Ann was leading a very normal life in her small village, Camila was a hardcore journalist serving in BBC. Camila was well versed in subjects like science and zoology. Pursuing a story filled with mystery was new to her. However, the story had invoked her curiosity and she had prepared herself to take on any challenge coming her way. She waited impatiently to meet Ann.