When this woman wandered the woods alone, she did not think for a second that she would end up encountering one of the terrifying animals in the wild. She was not prepared at all to meet this fearsome creature. Since there was no one around she did the unthinkable and hoped that it would be enough to save her life.

A Gray Wolf

Kekoa and Sakara are siblings who both live at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. These two were actually born in Florida and but were shifted to the Colorado location when they were still infants. The center felt like the wolves would be a good addition to their sanctuary.

The Founder

Darlene Kobobel established this center all the way back in 1993. She did so after saving her pet Chinook, from a kill shelter. This shelter was about to euthanize Chinook due to the fact that she was a “wolf-hybrid.” Darlene has since dedicated her life to save this species.

Huge Area

The center is quite vast. It occupies 35-acres and is filled with many interesting features. The center consists of a visitors’ center, an amphitheater for educational use and several hiking trails. Wolves roam about the area in abundance as well.

Declining Populations

Even though the center tries its best, there is still a lot of problems. The gray wolf population has been facing a decline in their numbers over the years. They are native to the North American and Eurasian areas. The sanctuary does play a crucial role for these wolves.

Nearing Extinction

If it weren’t for people like Darlene, the gray wolf population would not stand a chance to survive. Sanctuary areas have maintained a safe haven for these wolves. Darlene uses her center to educate and spread awareness about these wolves and hosts interaction sessions too.

Educational Tools

So as soon as Kekoa and his sister arrived at the sanctuary, it is clear that Darlene was extremely excited. Her wish was to hopefully use the two of them as ambassadors in helping to educate its visitors. The wolves had, however, already planned something else.