We all know the level of loyalty that dogs emote. If ever you have owned a dog or two, you will know just how close they tend to get. This story revolves around a pair of dogs who refuse to leave each other’s side. This Pitbull and this Chihuahua became so close that when the rescuers tried to separate them, something marvelous happened…

An Unexpected Pair

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Back in October of 2014, two dogs were kept at the Rocket Dog Rescue, which is an animal shelter located in San Francisco, California. They were a female Pitbull terrier named Merrill and a male Chihuahua called Taco.Although they were sort of a mystery, the staff soon found out something special about them.

Might Be Separated

Merrill and Taco at Rocket Dog Rescue - Pit Bull Rescue Story

Since these two dogs would refuse to be kept separate, the volunteers hoped and prayed for a rescuer who would adopt the two pooches together. This was going to be quite a difficult task. Although they had spent so much time together, in the near future, Merrill and Taco could face separation.

Two Peas in a Pod

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So during the time when Rocket Dog Rescue received Merrill the Pitbull and Taco the Chihuahua, the workers were not informed of what their owners were like. There was something very clear about these two dogs though. It was the fact that they would cry and whine if ever they were kept apart even for a minute.

Staying Together

Merrill and Taco Find a Home - Pit Bull Rescue Story

The volunteers would often post pictures of these two on Facebook to show how fond they were of each other. “We just could not stand the thought of them being separated or waiting at the shelter for months to find a home TOGETHER so they are coming to Rocket Dog Rescue!!!” was the caption.

Need For Check-Up

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The doctors at Rocket Dog Rescue discovered about Merrill’s health problems after she was showing signs of illness. There was an infected urinary tract that had to be quickly medicated. They also found that this dog was just 3 years of age and that she must have been used for breeding purposes.

Life-Threatening Infection

Merrill - Pit Bull Rescue Story

Since she had a life-threatening infection, it was believed that Merrill was abandoned as that would mean she needs a costly surgery. Since she could not breed anymore, the owners obviously found her useless. The next thing that happened totally shocked the whole facility.