In a hopeless place like this planet of ours, some stories remind us that the world is still a wonderful place to live in. It keeps us looking forward to a better day and a great life, in short, raises our hopes. The internet is today’s “big thing” as it plays an informative role. Thanks to the virtual world, incidents that remained unheard before, go viral instantly nowadays. For unbelievable stories like this one that is shared across the globe and these wonderful people get the deserving appreciation for their work. Go ahead and read further to know this amazing story that restores faith in honest and generous relationships.

Just Another GuyYoungest Grandfather

A 23-year-old guy named Tommy Connolly is just like any other guy of his age group. Tommy is pursuing his studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Alongside he is working as a part-time real estate agent who spends the remaining time, with his family, and friends. Keeping everything aside, he is always working hard for his hobbies-turned-to-passion. Everything seems to be like every normal guy’s life, isn’t it? But soon enough Tommy was about to take a huge step in his life that will make him stand far away from the line of ordinary people.

Above Average Athlete

Other than his hectic schedule, Tommy has been adjusting his hobby in between everything correctly. He manages all the fields perfectly, whether it be his work, studies or relation. This guy who is living an ordinary life is actually much more than that. He runs faster than most of us as his speed, hard work, and determination made him a professional runner. He already won awards at the regional level and his coaches are now looking forward to his participation in the international championships.


Tommy prefers sports and activities that require more physical strength compared to indoor games. He is full of joy and spends his off days, hiking, white water rafting, and rock climbing. He believes in working harder and saving it for the right time. Tommy and anyone who knew him never imagined that very soon he had to focus on a big-time responsibility. Nobody understood this at first not even Tommy but everything was about to turn upside-down very quickly.  So, here’s how it started!

Girl Behind Successyoungest grandfather

Along with his supportive family, for Tommy, that one person is his girlfriend, Olivia Tauro. She is extremely encouraging of his athletic and business pursuits. Their eight years long friendship took a step ahead when Tommy and Olivia started dating each other. Olivia has been cheering Tommy throughout his adventurous journey. She has been equally enthusiastic as Tommy about his traveling across the globe. Her actual test was just waiting for her to check how much more supportive she could possibly be?

A To-Be BusinessmanYoungest Grandfather

Tommy is much more responsible when compared to the rest of the youngsters. The subject of business and economics always interests him. After noticing the fact that he’s good with the management of money as a result of which he saved quite a good amount of money. That’s why he wished to start his own business soon in the coming years. That’s what he was working hard for all this time. But he was completely unaware that one message was about to change or we should say fix his priorities forever.

So Far Supportive?

Family and girlfriend’s existence in his life made life happier but some decisions are to be taken after listening to the voice of one’s conscience. Tommy is always excited about his academic as well as professional career. He is quite ambitious to achieve his goals. But the question that arises here is that will he be putting everything on hold just to do the right thing? Who’ll decide what is this right thing? And is it going to cost Tommy’s career? Whatever may be his action, it was surely going to be admired by the world.