Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself? Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw something about your appearance that you really want to fix? Well, here is an inspiring couple that made a turnaround in their life, a decision to live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle than the one they led. Read about Lexi and Danny’s amazing journey to stay fit and happy.

Early Days

Lexi Reed had always been struggling with her weight ever since she was a little girl. Even though she faced certain problems with her weight, she did not let that weigh her down and stayed a very outgoing and sociable person. She had tried countless health regimen and exercises to put the weight off but it would eventually creep back. It started to feel like she was just not meant to lose weight.

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Problems Arise

When Lexi turned 25 years old, she had already weighed around 392 pounds. The amount of weight she had put on was starting to affect her well-being as it was starting to affect her health. Lexi had always been a positive and cheerful person who always saw that best in life, but her weight problem was starting to become a nuisance. It was obstructing her from achieving her life goals.

Weight Loss

The Love of Lexi’s Life

Even with her weight problems slowly seeping in, Lexi maintained her outgoing nature and was still a very positive human being. She soon met the love of her life, Danny Reed. Lexi explains the type of bond that she and Danny have, saying that he has been her best friend for 10 years. Danny loved Lexi because of who she is and not just for her physical appearance.

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