Neighbours can arguably be called the most successful Tv show in the history of television thanks to having over 7000 episodes spread over 30 years! But then how come you have never heard about it? Well if you are a huge fan of this show like us, we have a lot to tell you.

Delta Goodrem

delta good

Here we indeed have a huge transformation, one could even say that if Neighbours was milk then Delta Goodrem was the cream. Though we find it a bit ironic that she played the role of Nina Tucker who is a shy one, but eventually gains confidence. Even more amazing is the fact that this character has had a singing career just like Delta Goodrem in real life did. Apart from singing and acting to keep her fans happy she has also been a judge on The Voice Australia.

Guy Pearce

guy pearce

The Young Guy Pearce can only be compared to Tom Cruise in his looks and talent for the character he played for 4 years as Mike Young. Goes without saying that he was one of the eye candies on the show. And of course, ladies developed a liking to him. He also acted in several movies like L.A. Confidential, Memento, and The Hurt Locker.

James Sorensenjames sorensen

For those who need a little help to jog their memories, this is the man who played the role of a single teenage dad. And yes, even today a character description like this would make for an instant dramatic hit. Anyways, since then he has grown up quite a lot and has played a couple of minor roles before moving on to a making a career in fitness and health. He is also attending a school for his Doctorate.

Liam Hemsworthliam hemsworth

Why didn’t we tune into Aussie soap operas before? Liam Hemsworth is known to have spent over a year on this hit show. And as you can expect from this show, there was some crazy plot involved. What happens is that he was the love interest of Bridget Parker, but was eventually friend-zoned. Oh yeah, did we mention he was a paraplegic? And if you have been living under a rock we’d like to tell you that since the show Liam Hemsworth has made it big in America with most notably The Hunger Game Series. 

Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue

Kylie Minogue has been famous in Australia for years! And she has neighbors to thank for it all. She was scouted out at a very young age and was cast to play the role of Charlene “Lenny” Robinson on the hit series. Even though she started her career from a very young age, she didn’t shoot to fame in Hollywood. Instead, she found fame and fortune in the pop singing career where she has made over 13 albums and gotten several awards!

Nicky Whelan

nicky whelan

In the TV show, this actor shined as Heidi “Pepper” Steiger. And though this actress is well known or her role in Neighbours, she has also acted in several movies and TV shows in America. She has quite recently engaged Kerry Rhodes, the former NFL player. This blonde beauty also happens to be a very successful model. And over time her beauty has only increased.