The real reason for the show American Pickers receiving love from people all around the world is the fact that Americans have maintained a very good collection of stuff from extremely old to new. Today we bring to you the rarest and the most valuable things that the famous duo of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have acquired after paying staggering amounts of money to their owners.

$1,000 Polarimeter

It was when a man from South Carolina did not receive the polarimeter for which he had paid $300 to Fritz because the object was observed on the show, that things got dramatic. The man filed a lawsuit against Fritz which surprisingly ended in Fritz paying $1,000 to the man for an object that was his own.

Leather License Plate

Mike had made the decision to buy the rare and unique leather license plate at the very first instant he saw it. It was rare and Mike had to pay a good amount of $1,000 because there was only a single piece of this plate issued to Oldsmobile. The leather good proved to be a good buy for him.

Tether Car Toy

The tethered car, mind the fact that it was not made by an American car company, holds a significant place in the history. As they had a real engine and could attain a speed of more than 200 mph while moving in circles. It was because of the exact reason that Mike decided to pay $1,100 to buy this masterpiece and add to his collection of historical objects.

$5,000 Sideshow Banners

The famous duo of Wolfe and Fritz came across some old sideshow banners while they were in Bushkill Park in Easton, Pennsylvania, as, famous sideshow acts used to be held there long ago. They bought the unique and rare object for $700 and gave an example of honesty and selflessness when they handed over $5,000 to their truehearted tour guide after the banners’ value appraised to $6,000 after they bought it.

Yoda Prototype

The Pickers were again stuck in a situation where they had no option other than to buy the rare and valuable object they witnessed in front of them. It happened when they saw the actual prototypes of Yoda being used for the first film of the famous Star Wars franchise on their visit to a woman’s movie souvenirs collection. They paid a staggering $6,250 for it.

Jell-O Wagon

The object you see in the image is the original Jell-O wagon, the creator of whose was Pearle Bixby from LeRoy, New York. The Pickers without giving any second thought bought this antique object regarded as one of the best wagons of its time for a price of $6,500. They had to just make some small fixes in the wagon to make it movable.