If you remember the popular television show “The Crocodile Hunter”, then you will definitely know who Steve Irwin is. He was well known for his work and enthusiasm involving the Australian wildlife. On his ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ series, he showed how compassionate and caring he is, making everyone fall in love with him! But then, fate was not so kind and a tragedy took place. His daughter now makes sure his legacy lives on…

Who Is Steve Irwin?

We can all agree that Steve Irwin was our absolute favorite wildlife enthusiast. He was so captivating, informative and incredibly funny too. During the airing of his show, every kid wanted to tune in and watch him explore the wild. He was unbelievably brave and was always up for a challenge. His show was indeed a fan favorite that we all still remember fondly.

Dangerous Escapades

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Since his show revolved around the wildlife, he was always faced with dangerous encounters with animals. This was one thing that made him so famous. He did not fear these otherwise ferocious animals but rather interacted with them. His love for animals was obvious and his passion for working towards their well being is something everyone should learn from.

Crazy Antics

One thing that Irwin was known for was his love for reptiles. He would always get involved with a few of the world’s most dangerous reptiles. This alone would scare so many people who watch him on the show but still watch him anyway. The reptiles that he had an encounter with includes crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and spiders! Pretty scary right?

Working Hard

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Since he would go to places he had never been before, Steve would have to remain alert and be quick on his feet at all times. There was no challenge that was too big for this man. It was fascinating to see that he was more or less fearless in his daily encounter with the wild. He just kept pushing through and would never stop even during the times of trouble. 


All the way back in the year 1991, Irwin met American-born Terri Raines. The pair first met when Steve was spending time in Australia, taking a vacation. They had an instant chemistry that could not be ignored. They started dating and the two quickly fell in love. The pair eventually tied the knot and on their honeymoon, most of their time was spent filming crocodiles.

Their Honeymoon

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Now, you may feel like this was such a sad way to spend a honeymoon but luck was on their side. Some of their footage is what got picked up by the American cable network Animal Planet. They could clearly see that Steve Irwin would appeal to a lot of people all over the world. It was not too far off in the future that they would have their own hit tv show.