If you remember one of the most beloved tv show by the people, you would remember The Rifleman. This show was about Chuck Connors who played a widowed rancher named Lucas McCain with Johnny Crawford playing his son Mark McCain. It revolved around their lives in the New Mexico Territory in the 1870s and 1880s highly popular among high-shooters all across the globe.

The Story Of The Rifleman

The Rifleman Story

This TV series was one of the top rated tv shows during the late 1950s and early 1960s following McCain as he wields his gun around, going on adventures with his son. Arnold Laven with Sam Peckinpah, who are the show’s creators and developers were givens high respect as Western show makers. Not only was the cast amazing but even the set design was flawless, making it easy for fans to love the show that much more.

The Art Of The Deal


Chuck Connors did not agree to play Lucas McCain in the first place because of the low salary that he was supposed to get. Then the producers had an eye on James Whitmore and John Anderson for the role, in the hopes that they would accept their offer. But along the line, they found something out which would help in the manifestation of one of the best cable tv shows ever.

Chemistry Set


Back in 1957, Connor found success in Disney’s film Old Yeller, with child actors Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran. The producers quickly realized that Connors was unbelievably good at interacting with the kids, so they decided to raise the offer. Connors eventually accepted the raise as they had hoped.

Some Fun With Guns


 The Rifleman producer Arnold Laven had revealed that John Wayne and Connors used the same rifle. John used it in the megahit Western Stagecoach and the rifle was an 1892 .44-40 Winchester rifle. In the credits of the show, Connors fire 12 shots and was indeed a memorable aspect of the show. 

But Then AgainBut Wait A Minute

The Rifleman was supposedly meant to be a show that depicted life during the 1870s and 1880s. McCain had his Winchester Model 1892 consisting of a big ring lever that he could play around with on the show. But it has been reported that the gun had not been manufactured during the show’s era, so it was a mistake. Do you think it would be a top tv show now if it aired these days?

The Character Development


Sam Peckinpah was the original writer for The Rifleman and even the popular Western Gunsmoke about three years before but it was turned down. He actually made an unbelievable change to his Gunsmoke script flipping the name John McCain to Lucas McCain plus an addition of his son. He could put some of the writers in the currents best tv shows to shame. Some more changes were coming its way as well.