Duck Dynasty has become one of the most successful reality shows ever to air in American television. Although it is most definitely a reality television show, there are a ton of things that have never been addressed on air. Allow us to take you for a closer look and inspection of the cast, digging up the dirt on them that you may not have known…

All Beards Club

Credit: ABC News

The beards of the men in the family were not personal choices that the cast members made. Their contract actually states that they have to each keep beards.

The Party Life

Credit: SheKnows

Just because a family is religious, it does not mean that they can withstand all temptations. Jep Robinson has confessed that he had tried almost every drug available in his teenage years. Indeed, he was one party animal.

Bringing The Big Bucks

Credit: Duck Commander

The Robertson family, from their business Duck Commander, managed to rake in $40 million back in the year 2012. Each of their 30-second commercials was also sold for about $180,000!

Limited ViewsCredit: Wenner Media

Phil has had his fair share of scandals in what he professes that includes homophobic slurs. He started dating his wife Key when she was just 14, later stating that women should get married by 15.

Stylish Rides

Credit: Huffington Post

Willie and his clan seem like they reside humbly along the countryside if you see them on the show. Willie actually owns a camouflage-painted BMW convertible so you cant tell he has money in the back.

Humble Beginnings

Credit: Gospel Herald

Phil Robertson was born into a family where he had six other siblings. They would even spend times without electricity, a toilet, or even bathtub during his childhood. It certainly went from rags to riches for Phil.