Spotting The Cat

Fran assumed getting a cat will be easier, plus she was more of a cat person anyway. So she began to look through the cat cages. There were a variety of cats, some fluffy, some tiny, some sleepy, some aggressive. But Fran had not felt the connection she assumed she would feel when she spots her animal. Right as she was about to turn her back, her eyes spotted a cage in the corner of the room.

Tabby Cat

Fran saw a skinny tabby cat curled up in her cage. Unlike other cats, she didn’t crave for attention. She didn’t make a sound as Fran approached her cage. On enquiring about the cat, Fran came to know that he has been here at the shelter for over a year but nobody would adopt him. Fran knew there is no reason to not adopt him, he is just a little coy that’s all.

Adopting The Cat

Fran decided to take the cat home. She felt that connection with him even though she just saw him. The people at the shelter were happy to assist, as finally, after living in a cage for more than a year, the cat gets to go home. That evening, once the shelter was done with his vaccination, they dropped off the cat at Fran’s room.

Meet Bandit

Fran decided to welcome her new cat home and named him Bandit. Since Bandit had been on his own for almost a year, it took him a while to get used to his new home. He didn’t know what sleeping in a warm bed feels like and Fran would often find him sleeping in a corner on the floor. 

Being Alone

Fran allowed Bandit time to get used to everything. Her home, her smell, her love, her touch. During the initial days, he wouldn’t come out from underneath the table. She got him cat food which he refused to touch. The only thing he enjoyed was some warm milk. Fran assumed Bandit had either suffered some kind of trauma or having lived alone he didn’t know how to share his space.

Baby Steps

Fran knew that for Bandit, it is important to take baby steps to make him comfortable at her home. So when he finally decided to step out from the table, Fran let him walk around and get familiar at his own pace. And before she knew it, Bandit was beginning to come around.