In Search For Something

Julian struggled to convince his team to scale up the mountain but as soon as he succeeded, his team decided to get on the mountain and explore the unexplored. Based on a hypothetical study, the team of 28 readied themselves to take up that challenge and to achieve something productive out of their efforts.


As the team reached on the top of Mount Lico, they discovered a crater, which was a result of volcanic activity. This was the exact location where Bayliss and his team planned to go for their trip in 2018. They were too close to their destination yet not able to reach there, hence, they searched for a way to get there.

Seeking Help

The obstacle was a tall rock embankment of around 2,230 feet that encircled this crater. Without external help, the team would not be able to succeed. Julian was adamant that he would not return empty-handed, therefore, he called up for external help.

Helping Hand

Julian managed to get in touch with a pair of Britain’s best rock climbers who gave the team lessons on how to scale up those dangerous heights. The top climbers were taken on board as part of the team for the mission for safety purposes. Soon after the team realized that they were not the first troop to land up there.

Earth And Technology

Before the invention of any technology, Earth was a storehouse of many mysterious places. With the advent of technology, the places got exposed and had seen an intervention of humans. Some of the wonders of nature however successfully managed in hiding their identity even in the present date, but sooner or later no place would be “unexplored” in particular.

Google Earth

For the many amazing discoveries, the only thing that is to be credited is Google Earth. It is a program that uses satellite images to provide users with a vivid depiction of the planet. It has also directed people to explore undiscovered locations. Some results of the discoveries turned out to be significant.