How beautiful is the Mother Earth! It shelters a lot of living species along with some dark secrets. Some of the dark secrets have been revealed by the experts and some are hiding in the depths of the land. This may sound shady, but, that is true. A group of experts while trekking discovered an astonishing thing! Of course, the world was not aware of its presence. Let’s find out what was the discovery.


Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa with a wide variety of scenic beauty. It has a tropical climate and is diverse biologically as well as culturally. The coastline is extensively overlooking the Mozambique Channel, separating Africa’s mainland from the Island of Madagascar. It offers some of Africa’s best natural harbors.

Mountains Of Mozambique

Mozambique has 12 mountains in total, namely, Monte Binga, Mount Chiperone, Mount Gorongosa, Mount Inago, Mount Lico, Mount Mabu, Mount Morrumbala, Monte Muambe, Mueda Plateau, Mount Namuli, Mount Ribáuè, and Mount Tumbine. Out of these mountains, Mount Lico holds a great number of secrets.

Mount Lico

Mount Lico is known to be an inselberg mountain in the Zambezia Province in northern Mozambique. The mountain is 1,100 meters, that is, 3,600 feet above the sea level. It is protected by solid rock walls heightening up to 700 meters so that no human could invade in there.

Got Started

In 2018, a group of 28 people initiated a mission in the north of Mozambique during spring. Dr. Julian Bayliss was the team leader and his team unfolded a great mystery making traipsing them up the 3,600-foot-high Mount Lico. Dr. Julian Bayliss was curious to know what was on the top of the Mountain Lico, hence started with his mission.

The Undertaking

Since this exploration could be life-threatening, a pledge was to be taken and an NOC was to be signed. Bayliss decided to assemble a team of explorers for the undertaking but doing so took around two years. Nevertheless, he succeeded in forming a team of 28 each with their specialties. Bayliss cleared his first obstacle and headed forward.


Eventually, Bayliss’ venture started to take shape. Before he could go further, he decided to craft an alliance between several institutions spread out across three of the Earth’s continents. He could not see his attempts going all in vain, hence, he worked on the accuracy of his report to fetch a precise data for his further case handling.