“The shelter workers had labeled her ‘aggressive,’” Hagar wrote on the Hope For Paws website in May 2012. He added, “[They] wouldn’t allow the public to adopt her. The label also scares away rescues so this means the dog is surely going to die.”

“The shelters are so full,” Hagar continued. “There is no time for workers or officers to take a long while coaxing a dog into acting normal.” Although Edie was only at the shelter for 15 days, it was seemingly long enough to seal her fate.

Hope For Paws’ YouTube channel recounted the conversation between Hagar and Mirkovich via video captions. “[Bronwyne] told me that Edie [was] really scared and asked if I could meet her at the vet so I [could] evaluate her,” the video explained. The poodle was just a day away from euthanasia.How could Hagar say no? He headed out to see the dog that had been deemed too dangerous to live so he could assess her. But when he got there, the seasoned animal rescuer didn’t see a danger to public safety.

Hagar saw a dog that was so terrified that she had cut herself off from affection. Indeed, Edie was frightened to the extent that Hagar’s initial attempt with the “Lucky Leash” sent her cowering into the corner. Her fear was palpable.

Too afraid to move, Edie crouched in the corner of the room with growing horror. Even though Hagar approached cautiously, he seemingly could do nothing to put the dog at ease. In fact, the second attempt at the Lucky Leash sent the poodle spiraling into panic.