When we see distress and poverty around us, it breaks our heart. In any way possible we wish to help the needy. Either we empathize with them or we donate clothes and foodstuff to the hungry and poor. And the thing which we most often do is help them financially.

A woman in San Diego comes across a strange sight. She finds a pregnant woman begging out on streets along with a little boy. Initially, her heart melts and she feels for her. But what she witnesses next takes her on an unexpected mysterious journey.

A Suspicion

She was closely observing a woman. She scratched her mind to find a clue to it. She knew something was strange. Something suspicious-but what. She had been keeping tabs on her for days and couldn’t come up with a reason to suspect. And then she finds her hopping in a car. That was it. She decided to follow her unaware of the fact that her footsteps were approaching the drastic.

Spotted Again

Melissa Smith is a resident from San Diego, California. She was on her usual route to work. On her way, she often spotted a lot of panhandlers and there was nothing new about it. That day the only thing which bothered her was a particular beggar who was a woman and that too a pregnant woman. If it was a part of her daily routine, then what was so peculiar about this sight?

Apt Place

The place where Smith often found this woman was the East Lake Village Centre. It was a shopping hub where one could find all sort of stores ranging right from food stores, grocery shops, wardrobe fits, and hair stylists. It was the place visited by affluent people which meant the panhandler could fetch a great amount of money from the people who visited this place.


California often saw beggars and other vagrants out on street. Smith though suspected this woman, but immediately disregarded her intuition. She initially felt uneasy about this begging woman, but when Smith realized that the female panhandler could be seen daily over there she was certain that begging is the lady’s true identity. Soon only, Smith wished that she should have trusted her intuition.


Smith gave over her negative thoughts and felt sympathetic about the lady. She felt sorry and pity towards her. Her poor condition makes Smith question her own thoughts. She felt bad that she was suspecting a woman who is already going through a miserable phase. Smith says,” She was expecting a child and had a little boy next to her. Those poor souls needed help”.  Who knew that something was definitely not right.


This not so usual sight attracted a lot of couples and they would all stand by her to help her out. They would provide the lady with more than required and what else could they do to help the suffering souls. None could have even thought about the possibilities this panhandler was hiding which made Smith this curious. Was she an impostor?