Heading Back To Home

After collecting all the minerals evidence the team was on the plane heading back to their country. With research reports and evidence in their hands, they left for the meeting with the officials. In the meeting, the team told the officials about the place which was incredibly rich in minerals that could benefit the country in no time. The officials were ready to take a chance but the whole mission wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

Save Russia!

Russia was already struggling financially after WWII and this excavation wasn’t a cheap one. It required manpower, money and constant attention as it was a really big mission that seemed like an only chance for Russia through which it could survive. The mission was on and the team of geologists was asked to do what they did best.

The Mission Started

A three-year-long excavation started and was going in full strength day and night. They believed that underneath the surface of the earth lies a miracle that had the potential to change the country’s fate. But little did they know they would soon face the biggest threat of life that nobody would be able to explain. What was the threat that turned deadly for the workers and the officials?

 Hard Times

The workers were working day and night to find the destiny that could change the country’s fate. But the weather wasn’t at their side. Both workers and the earth were struggling to survive the harsh weather and -40 degrees temperatures. Even dynamite and jet engines weren’t helpful and the icy permafrost was making their lives living hell. Still, the workers didn’t stop even when they should have.

Worse Was Coming

As we already told you the weather of Siberia wasn’t for humans, in fact, it was so harsh that oil froze solid, steel beams shattered like glass, and truck tires became so fragile that they cracked into pieces. Things started to scare everybody there but then they had no other options except working in that difficult environment where there was a possibility of casualties.

The Officials

Many workers complained to the officials about the environment of Siberia. The officials wanted to stop but they couldn’t as it wasn’t in their hands to stop the construction and mining work which became their necessity with each passing day. The geologists were trying their best to locate that exact point where they could say anything for sure. On one hand, they were trying their best to locate that one spot where they could find the minerals and on the other hand, nature was waiting for its turn…