1980 is a very special year for Robert Shafran as it brought a bounty of surprises for him. It is in the same year he tasted freedom to its fullest. He got enrolled in a college and for the first time in his life, he moved out of his home. And yeah, in this very year he stumbled upon a mystery that made him question his own existence and helped him bust a vicious racket that had been going on for years without anyone’s notice.

Robert belonged to a well to do family. The nineteen-year-old boy was very excited about going to the college. Like every other teenager, Robert had a lot of expectations from his new life. He loved making friends and had already planned everything he would be doing in college. It was only a few days for him to become a college boy. However, he had no idea what was awaiting him.

College’s First Day

Robert got enrolled in Sullivan County Community college. Naturally, just like every fresher, he was a bit nervous and excited on the first day of his college. But when he entered into the campus all his doubts disappeared into thin air. He noticed something very unusual.

For him everything and every face in the college were new. Oddly enough, the people on the campus were treating Robert as if they knew him for ages. He tried to recollect if he was familiar with any of their faces but strangely could not remember anything. On the other hand, students’ behavior towards him was growing stranger as he moved towards the college building. However, Robert took it as an extra friendly nature of the fellow students. But was it really the case or something unexpected was on the horizon?


Again shocking reactions..

Another strange thing that Robert noticed was how everyone was calling him “Eddy” while expressing their happiness after meeting him again. The girls whom Robert had never seen before were greeting him with kisses. Taking all these incidents into account Robert assumed that people are mistaking him for someone else. But was he that similar to a stranger or the truth was something else? Things got even more confusing when he met his freshmen roommate.

A Doppelganger ?

When Robert entered through the door his roommate Michael Domitz had to double take on him. He told Robert that he looks exactly like his ex-roommate Eddy Galland. So, was Eddy Robert’s doppelganger? Furthermore, Robert could not believe his ears when Michael made another astonishing revelation about Eddy.

One thing leads to another! Curious Robert began to ask more and more question about Eddy. Similarly, one day the two were talking about Eddy when Michael came up with another amazing information about him. Eddy and Robert had their birthday on the same day. A coincidence? To get the answer to all these questions, he needed to meet Eddy. He asked his roommate if he could make him meet his doppelganger?


Finally, came the moment when Eddy and Robert came face to face. The two felt as if they were looking into a mirror. How was that possible? From color, hair to facial features everything looked same. Now Eddy understood why was he mistaken for Eddy in the college. On the other hand, Eddy stood frozen as he could not believe his eyes. After the shocking moment, they talked to each other.


No Coincidence

They happened to share the same birthplace along with the birthdays. Now, it was clear to them that it was more than just a coincidence. Not only that, the two had the same IQ level and same birthmark. New revelations were made minute by minute by both the boys and things got even more intriguing when both the boys brought another fact to the light.