You must have often heard that things get lost in translations. Well, they not only get lost but also messed up pretty badly (and funnily). When we go out of the country to some other which is not an English speaking nation, the restaurants are kind enough to provide the translation of their dishes. But sometimes the translators get too literal, translations taken too seriously. Given below are the menus from some restaurants which have been translated… well, let’s just say if they serve what the menus say, no one is going to eat at their place.

You might find it hard to believe but these are NOT photoshopped.

Would You Trust Them?

Not every Chinese word can be translated into the English language. In fact, there are a lot of words in a lot of languages which the English language doesn’t have any words for. So can you really blame the translator for not being able to find the correct conversion? At least this one translator was humble enough to accept that they did not know, unlike other translators who seem to have crossed lengths to make the dish appear as unappealing as possible, though funny. All the dishes look quite exotic in this menu actually. 

Roasted Husband Anyone?

Well, you won’t just get a roasted husband, you’ll get a SIXI (read sexy) roasted husband. I think some women may end up ordering this dish for various reason- it could be because they are frustrated with their husbands and having this dish might make them feel avenged (fantasising the dish to be made of their own husbands) or because, well, who doesn’t wanna try a sixi husband, right?

What Whatever?

The translator of this menu was probably not paid enough, consequently, they just gave up on translation altogether. I just wanna know which customer was daring enough to order ‘whatever’. This seems to be a replacement for when customers say ‘surprise me.’ Thankfully, given the other things on the menu, this looks like the beverages section so the risk factor is not that high.

Serving You With Knowledge

The thing is, no matter how unreliable a source of information on Wikipedia is, most people refer to it as the first thing on the internet when they wanna know something about anything. Maybe this restaurant is onto something- serving eggs with Wikipedia- how many places do you know where you can eat AND get unreliable information? 

Virtual Reality

In this virtual world where there is no knowing what’s real and what’s not, this restaurant menu is doing things honestly. There is your chicken, like the usual chicken, KFC kinda chicken and then there is REAL chicken. And there certainly must be something really real about this because- notice the prices are also different. Another option that caught my eye on this non-vegetarian menu is Meatless. The one who made this menu got their paradoxes right. 

Do You Have A Shallow Fried Baby?

I only wanna see how parents would reply to the questions their kids pose to them if they read this menu, “dad, what does a deep fried baby tastes like?” or “mom, does baby noodle have a baby in it?! Can I play with it too!!?” I would avoid the deep fried baby though… too many calories.