The human civilization has come a very long way making some unexpected discoveries about the past leading us to a better future. What lies in the past? We could never know, but, today the scientists are trying their best to answer the questions revolving around the past and they have managed to answer one of the most sought questions of all time. The Central American region which includes the regions of Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala is quite interesting and mysterious at the same time. We might not hear about them on a daily basis but for many years the researchers have been trying their best to solve the mystery. And at last, they have found the answers. You’ll be amazed to see how things turned up. The Mayan Civilization that flourished on this planet around 1,500 years ago vanished into thin air without leaving any clues, today, we know what really happened.

More Than You See

The body which ensures the preservation of all the historic valued sites is PACUNAM. The body is doing its best to protect the forest of Guatemala which is being cut on an average about 10 percent every year. “Many of these new sites are only new to us; they are not new to looters,” PACNUM president Marianne Hernandez told. It was this process when the people found some amazing things about the past that baffled everybody.

Mapping The Jungle

mayan 5

With the help of 3D mapping technology, the researchers could see what actually things looked like before in comparison to today. And when they did the same on Guatemala’s forest area they were surprised to see the result. To their surprise, every single tree was cut down and today, the area looked entirely different from the way it used to look. But little they knew that mapping t area would reveal something more astonishing. The scholars were left amazed. What did they see?

The Hidden Fortress

According to Garrison, some few years back, he and his team stepped into the forest. Back then there was no LiDAR technology like we have today. But the team entered the Mayan fortress which was covered with all the trees and because of that, they couldn’t make it that were actually inside a fortress. “There was this fortress in our area, in 2010, I was within 150 feet of this thing,” said Garrison. But with LiDar technology they found the fortress again but they also found out something more amazing than this Mayan Fortress.

Architects Of Their Own Destruction

The Mayan people are considered to be the most influential architects in the whole of human history. The scholars have found several amazing structures in many areas of Central America with extremely complex designs. But what they found this time with the help of LiDAR technology would leave you amazed. This time they found something far superior to the fortress and structures. The discovery helped the scientists to solve the mystery behind their sudden disappearance.

Power In Small Numbers

If you look back in the past you would find that every empire had a very large population that defined a specific empire. But this was not the case with the Mayan civilization. Though they have built numerous numbers of structures you’ll be surprised to know that the Mayan civilization wasn’t huge in numbers. It is believed that the whole civilization consists of between 1 million and 2 million. It is because of the landscape that didn’t have the capacity to flourish more than this.

Murky Mystery

Despite several discoveries, the puzzle of the Mayan civilization is far from completion. Still, there are some missing clues which are yet to found because of the jungle that has covered the clues of the empire which once stood on the ground where this forest is now. But thankfully, we are in a situation where we have the technology that can now help us in completing this puzzle. The scientists at last found those missing clues.