A Touching Story

As soon as her story was posted on social media, people began to feel for her. Man people shared the sweet dog’s life story helping spread awareness that she needs a new home.

An Old Dog With No Luck

The staff was very sad to see that the poor dog did not really get any promising offers. It was a sad reality but then no one was looking to adopt such an old dog. People wanted dogs with a future.

A Potential Savior

Julep could possibly get a new start in life. A Washington, D.C. native, Wayne Lerch  had recently lost his pit bull named Jasmine. She was 11 years of age and Wayne was heartbroken.

A Lonely Master

Wayne sadly says, “I had Jasmine for about ten-and-a-half years. She was just such an amazing dog. A 60-pound pit bull that thought she was a lapdog. She was probably the hardest dog for me to lose.”

A Perfect Timing

Wayne was not really looking to adopt a new dog as such. He was not consciously checking for anything when he stumbled upon Julep’s story. He made sure to go visit the dog as he was incredibly sympathetic towards her.

An Instant Love

As Wayne was contemplating on whether he was ready to replace Jasmine with a new dog, he decided to ride his bike than take his car. He wanted to think. He made sure he was not rushing into anything but as soon as he met Julep, all his wall came tumbling down.