Fate always finds a way of linking two beings that are in need of one another. This could be in the form of couples or even between pets and animal lovers. This is one such case that will touch your heart.

Julep The Dog’s Fate

Julep is now an 18-year-old dog that has found herself in quite a pickle. She is locked up in a cage, kept in an animal shelter. Her loving owner passed away after keeping this dog for 18 years leaving the poor pup with no home. Who would ever come to her rescue now?

A Dim Start

Back in February 2017, it was a very sad case for Julep as she was left alone cold and lonely in an animal shelter. She is very old now at age 18 and has been through many hardships in her life.

Lonely And Cold

Her owner suddenly passed away and left the dog homeless with no one to look after her. Her owner’s family did not feel like taking care of her so they dropped her off at an animal shelter. 

Oldest Dog There

She was dropped at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. The shelter has had a ton of animals that have been rescued or dropped off. However, a dog that has passed 18 years of age had never been recorded.

A Charming Dog

David M. Smith is the communications head at the shelter where Julep is kept and has said , “Julep is a sweet girl, who – given her age – is doing pretty well here at our adoption facility. We’re keeping her spirits up, and she’s getting lots of attention from our staff. But a dog at this age truly needs to be at home where she can get ALL of the attention.”

Living Life To The Fullest

Julep was clearly in her old age state as dogs do not usually cross 10 years  or so. She was never down and remained very active and everybody was delighted to be with her. Would she ever meet a rescuer?