Nobody was prepared for what was coming. Confused and terrified they looked up but all they could see was dark space that somehow was overpowering them. They wanted to run but were all trapped inside. Cursing their decision of choosing this dangerous job they kept standing waiting for help which they knew won’t be coming any time soon. These workers worked for a company which by now must be thinking that these trapped workers are busy doing their job. Little did the company know that soon they would realize how grim the situation was. As they say, everything happens for a reason, this came out be true when the workers stumbled upon something astonishing.

Old Age Home

Older home in Aberdeen, Scotland was looking for renovating the building which wasn’t up to the mark when compared to other old age homes in the area. The owner wanted to give it a new look, entirely different from other homes out there. So who do you call? The renovation company who takes jobs like these. But there was one problem…

Tough Job

After talking to several local renovating companies no one was willing to take the job. Some said that the house was too old and it was almost impossible to complete the job and other said that they don’t want to do it as the workers weren’t ready to take the job that involved risk. The house was old and there was a possibility that it might come down suddenly leaving the workers trapped inside it and nobody wanted any casualties. Then what to do?

We Are Ready

But there was one company which was ready to take the job. They knew that they can earn good amount of money from the house repairment. The workers were told about the house and what is needed to be done. The house was like really really old and for years nobody lived there leaving the house in disastrous condition. The first time the workers saw the house they knew it was a lot of work and a lot was needed to be taken care of. And then the work started and soon the workers would find themselves in the middle of the life-changing situation. What was that they found? You’ll find out soon.

Broken House

Before the company sent the workers they sent some people to investigate the house to note down the problems that are needed to be taken care of, so that the workers know what all is needed to be done in the house. The team of investigator arrived at the house and started their work. It wasn’t a house but a broken house.

Too Much Work

From the broken entrance to broken walls, there was a lot that needed to be fixed in the house. The doors and windows were broken, the ceiling of the house was almost on the verge of falling down, there was no electricity fitting, the house was filled with dust, spider webs, and mice. They wrote down everything so that they can tell the workers what was needed to be done. But there was one thing that caught the team’s attention.

The Chimney

The team was surprised to see that the house was still standing in one piece. The walls that were holding the structure were as old as the house and the team knew it would be just a matter of time when the walls would soon fall to the ground shattering the house into pieces. There was one room that looked very out of the place. Inside that room which seemed like a living room was an old chimney. The team just couldn’t take their eyes off the chimney as it looked really beautiful in that house and in that spot.