The stars of WWE are as diverse as the brand itself, having branched out into various business ventures such as movies, real estate, and sports lifestyle/apparel. These stars once ruled the ring and captivated the audiences with their enigmatic matches and eccentric personalities in their heydey, but what have they been up to since bidding farewell to the ring?

The Ultimate Warrior – Then

The Ultimate Warrior Then

James Brain Hellwig a.k.a. The Ultimate Warrior is best known as just the warrior amongst his friends. He worked with WWF throughout his career and achieved great success. He was, in fact, the only heavyweight wrestler at the time who had won both intercontinental and world Championships, holding both the championship bests at the same time.

The Ultimate Warrior – Now

The Ultimate Warrior death

But a lot has changed for this for this talented wrestler ever since he retired from WWF in 1998. Though his fans did get to see him in action once again in 2008 in Spain. He took retirement when he was at the peak of his career and left wrestling completely to pursue public speaking. He was added to WWE hall of fame in the April of 2004. He has passed away due to a cardiovascular disease.

Scott Hall – Then

Scott Hall Then

If you are confused by the name Scott Hall, perhaps you will remember him by his other name Razor Ramon! He started out his wrestling career with AWA and soon moved to WWF. There he won the title of intercontinental champion 4 times between 1995 to 1999.

Scott Hall – Now

Scott Hall Now

Now retired Scoot is one on of the founding member of New World Order and saw his introduction to WWE hall of fame in 2014. He has since opened up about his struggle in life with substance abuse and recovery, acting as a role model to many. Cody Hall, his son too is a professional wrestler.

Sable – Then


One of the very first WWE Divas, no one can forget the forget her legendary fight with Luna Vachon and Jacqueline. It was there she won her 2nd WWF women’s title. Though she started out as a good guy she soon took the mantle of a heel and sued WWE for $110 million on the grounds of poor working conditions and sexual harassment. She has also been featured a total of 3 times on Playboy.

Sable – Now


She took an official retirement from WWE in 2004 and took the time to spend with her family. She married Wayne Richardson in 1986 and became a mother of 2 daughters. Unfortunately, Richardson passed away in a driving accident which led to her second marriage with Marc Mero, who too was a pro wrestler. Again sadly for Sable her marriage ended but this time because of divorce just 11 years later. Now she is married to Brock Lesner.