Not Getting Into The Waters

They decided not to get into the waters as this was way too much risky especially when the Vancouver beaches were closed for quite a while because of the high level of E. coli in the waters and recently the beaches were said to be swimming friendly. Honestly, they were standing there, trying to guess what this thing is and trying to record the moment in their phones in case it comes up as something worth keeping a memory of. And it was much more than any of their expectations.

Moving Closer

The beachgoers who were with their kids were maintaining distance just as a precaution if this thing is harmful in any way. And the rest who were now certain that it wasn’t a piece of log or any of the trash but some sea animal for sure and it was alive too tried swimming towards it. As it was floating and moving in a different direction as the waters. It was surely ready to head towards the shore and the people too wanted to see this creature on the sand. So everyone was eagerly waiting for this thing to hit the land. But that wasn’t about to happen.

Here It ComesRelated image

When the long wait was over, the sea creature turned to the part of the sea from where it was hard to record him. While everyone including John was trying to figure out what it is, he was ready to give it a shot. He did something that everyone criticized him for. But he didn’t care about people’s opinion at that moment. And that’s the reason why it became once in a lifetime experience for him. So what did he do? Most importantly, what did this creature do? Bit him or what?

Brave? Or Crazy?woman recording

Was he being crazy or excitement took over him? John was equally clueless and no one else but he decided to jump into the waves and get closer to the mysterious being. Within no seconds, he was right there and this creature was swimming around him. He wasn’t hesitating and his brave decision also revealed the true identity of this creature. But there was one confusion. As per what he was thinking, it seemed like a rare creature for that place. Rare enough that it was never seen on any of the Vancouver beaches ever before!

Give It A Guess

They live “on their own”, so much, that they keep a few stones in their loose skin in the armpits to crack open the clams. Contradictory to “on their own” concept they sleep holding hands to keep themselves together. They just float on the water surface and dive in to get food. Food is more than just important for them as they eat more than 25% of their body weight each day, hungry enough! Can’t guess? We are talking about the animal with the densest hair on this planet; 1 million hairs per square inch! You are very close to the answer.


When this creature was getting close to him, he realized its an otter! If you know anything about otters at all then you’ll be knowing that they’re not used to getting close to humans and there have been incidents related to the same where otters have attacked humans. Yet this was going to be the most unusual encounter with an otter ever.