Underneath the sea, there lies a whole different world. And humans have been equally interested in the underwater world and stories as much as the “non- Earthly” creatures, ie, aliens, and UFOs. We know almost everything about the sea but not everything. We all have heard stories of mysterious creatures that live in the deep sea.

Mermaids, monsters, dragons, serpents and many more that people have claimed to have seen with no proofs. Although science too uses the term ‘sea monsters’ for huge sea creatures like whales and colossal squids. But we’re not going to tell you something that you’ll doubt on. This story is of one fateful encounter with quite an active sea creature that made the day a memorable one for every person who was present at the very moment.

An Unexpected Visitorsea creature horizon

It was a regular day at Vancouver Beach in British Colombia, southern Canada. A normal beach scene with the sun shining bright and a holiday. Some were playing volleyball, some were sunbathing, a few families were enjoying their picnic and rest were out there for a quality peacetime. It was a calm afternoon, and everyone was enjoying it in their own style until when one person who was there to just relax figured out something unusual. For the rest, it remained a regular day but for this man,(let’s say John) it was a moment he would never forget. 

Luck On Camera

John’s plan for this day was to stay back and give his body and mind as much a privilege to rest. He was lucky enough that he didn’t have to recall all that was about to happen next. Whenever he talks about the incident now, he can simply show the video that actually went viral overnight at the very moment this guy noticed something strange, someone behind him decided to record it on his/her phone. One person was curious enough to know what this creature was and another one was ready to shoot it at the same time. What were the odds? The result that came of their bonding is now appreciated across the globe.

Something Strange Comingsea creature moves closer

So, it is a sunny day with sand and shade everyone was having fun. Out of the blue, a weird looking thing appears. It is floating, looking at this thing from far, John felt like sitting up to get a clearer view. It could be anything like trash or driftwood, or any dead fish or squid. In case, it is alive, it could be any deadly sea creature as well, which means he cannot just jump out and see what it is. Especially when he is aware of the fact that this beach area has a dark past. You just have to see what happened next when John makes a decision.

The Shore’s SceneImage result for vancouver stanley park beach

The Vancouver shores are known for its unfortunate past events. Where in the sea creatures have harmed people at different point of times, or at least that’s what the rumors are. At one place a kayaker said he saw a couple of orca whales playing and once a debate went on about a close encounter with a gray whale. The place stays crowded but stories like this made people more alert and so John was scared to take a step forward. The question is why should he take this risk?

Why Take The Risk?Related image

There’s a reason why he was ready to take this risk. You are aware of many incidents when poor sea creatures who are in need of human help approach people. Countless of those type of videos are on youtube. There was a chance that it was an animal like that who is trapped in wires or covered with industrial oils or maybe hurt or injured or sick. It could be that the creature lost the track of its way and is now forced to the shore by the waves. He wanted to help this little creature even if there was a tiny possibility that it is indeed a living creature in need of help.

Getting SupportImage result for vancouver stanley park beach

But soon John realized that he isn’t the only one there to notice this weird thing that was quickly reaching the shore. There were other people who were noticing it from a distance and were slowly moving in the direction of this thing. Seeing other people around it gave them a feeling of support and no one was actually scared anymore. They were standing right there on the shore and waiting for this thing that was directly heading towards them.