“Captain Kangaroo” will definitely go down as one of the most beloved children’s shows in history. Even after the filming for the show ended in 1984, American Public Television would broadcast some new episodes along with the old reruns. The new version was shown till 1993. Read on to find out more about the behind the scene look in what went down during or after productions.

Longest Show To Run Back In The Day

Longest Running Program Of Its Time

It is a known fact that “Captain Kangaroo” became the longest show to run during that time and is also one of the longest-running children’s show ever and only two shows have run longer than it.“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” is one show that ran three years longer than “Captain Kangaroo,” with “Sesame Street,” being the longest-running show with an amazing 46 years.

Mickey Mouse Club Premiered The Same Day

Premiered the Same Day as Mickey Mouse Club

There is always something or the other that happens simultaneously in history. “Captain Kangaroo” had its premiere date on October 3, 1955, on CBS with Walt Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club” premiering on ABC that very same day. They were instant hits.

Good Morning, Captain!


The show always started with people giving the greeting, “Good Morning, Captain!” Most of these random people that appeared were not famous but producers would sometimes get famous people to do it too. Celebrities like William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, the “Peanuts” characters, Mister Rogers, and the stars of “M*A*S*H” and “The Price is Right,” have all used the greeting.

Captain Was Inspired By A Typical Grandpa


The producers and writers were very clear cut on how they wanted to execute the show. For instance, in all the episodes, Bob Keeshan did all that he could to engage the audience to feel as though they are listening to their very own lovable granddads on the show.

The Most Important Person


 Bob Keeshan is a man who believes in the importance of children’s education and well being so it was not such a surprise to see that “Captain Kangaroo” mostly focused on topics for child development. “The Most Important Person” Sutherland Learning Associates production that included animation and live action.“Captain Kangaroo” featured it from 1972 to 1975. It would run for 5 minutes and mostly had the theme about the importance of life.

The Kingdom of Could Be You

The Kingdom of Could Be You

“The Most Important Person” would run for 5 minutes and mostly spoke on career guidance. This segment would feature topics about careers that adults had and how the children could learn from them and pick them as inspirations. “Captain Kangaroo” ran the segment during 1973 till 1976.