Reality shows have proved to be a very good platform for people to showcase their talent to the world. Despite the fact that they have transformed many people’s lives and turned them into celebrities, one also cannot forget the fact that some of those people vanished after their sudden rise in stardom. Today we look into the lives of such people and what they are up to now.

Eva Marcille – America’s Next Top Model

then-evaMarcille is known for being the winner of the third season of America’s Next Top Model. The win gave a huge boost to her career. She has appeared in numerous tv shows and films after then.She is married to rapper Kevin McCall and they both have a daughter aged 3. She was currently spotted in the reality show About the Business.

William Hung – American Idol

then-hungWilliam Hung was an instant sensation in the music show, American Idol. The rendition of the Ricky Martin song, She Bangs, he performed became immensely popular. In order to cash in the popularity, he even tried his luck in the Hollywood but it ended in vain. After a successful Youtube video, this man of Chinese origin is working for the Los Angeles Police Department since 2011.

Nene Leakes – Real Housewives

then-neneMrs. Nene is famous for starring in the show Real Housewives of Atalanta. She has even played small roles in shows like Glee and The New Normal. After leaving the show Real Housewives in the year 2008, she went on to launch The Nene Leakes Collection for the Home Shopping Network(HSN). She has also featured in Broadway productions and the film ” Cinderella”.

Alyssa –  True Life

then-alyssaThis girl became a household name when her struggle against the torturous disease Tourette’s Syndrome was shown in the show TrueLife. Later, she decided to undergo a brain stimulation surgery in order to get herself cured. She has improved a lot since that day and is still receiving treatment at the Roger’s Memorial Hospital.

Flavor Flav – Flavor Of Love

then-FlavorFlavWilliam Jonathan Drayton Jr. has featured in a number of shows like The Surreal Life, Strange Love and Flavor of Love because of her wonderful rapping talent. Life has gone downhill for him since then as after a string of unsuccessful relationships his decision of opening a chicken restaurant also ended up in vain…

Snooki – Jersey Shore

then-snooki1Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, also known as Snooki, started her career from the reality show Jersey Shore. She became very popular after that and since then has appeared on numerous talk shows like the Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The View. Apart from this, she is also the owner of a cosmetic line. She is married to Jionni LaValle, her Jersey Shore’s Co-Star. and is blessed with 2 children.