All around us we can find objects just lying around, be it in the coffee shop or in our own house, we can see that our entire surroundings are always populated with countless things but still, we never stop and carefully observe any of them. While sometimes we are overcome by curiosity, like the time you tore into your old game. It can always be rewarding to take a closer look at things, maybe sometimes you won’t even be able to recognize them.

Time Traveler’s Trinket?

This was confiscated from someone claiming that they had figured out time travel.

This is an article that is claimed to be confiscated from someone who was allegedly a time traveler. But that isn’t true at all, what you are looking at right now are the insides of a CT scanner. Amazing isn’t it? We’re sure if we hooked up some flux condensers to it, we might actually be able to time travel through it.

An Ordinary Tree-Bark

This just looks like some ordinary tree bark, but nothing could be further from the truth.

While to some of us it might appear to be just an ordinary tree bark, but that couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth. Though it is a bark, it belongs to a cinnamon tree. Yeah, you read it correctly, it’s the same bark that you put in your hot cocoa. But unlike what many assume, this thing comes straight from the bark of a tree.

I Would Put This On My Car Window

This could be a really cool sticker to put on your car's window, but...

Well, this bizarre looking thing seems like a prop from a movie about cyber spiders or mechanized arachnids. But looks can often be deceiving. You will be absolutely stunned to know that this thing here is actually what the insides of an electronic dartboard look like. Stay tuned because we can bet next one will amaze you as much if not more.