The Phone Call

Her hands shivered but not because it was cold. She was trembling and was shocked at her own ability to be able to perform tasks when her brain was obviously numb. It had been a long and hard journey but she had the number with her she had been searching for like crazy. A man picked up and breathlessly, in anticipation she asked, “Andrew?” If this was finally the man she was looking for, the years-long search would come to an end. Who was he?

Where Was Will?

Meanwhile, unaware of the whereabouts of his daughter, Will with all the determination it took, tried to shift the course of his life. It had been a long time since he had broken up with the woman who gave birth to Amy but breaking up with drugs and alcohol, he found harder to do.

In 2004, he surrendered himself to faith and in his own words, he “found Christ”. This helped him get past his addictions and in 2007 he turned into a pastor.

Not Too Far

Amy was living in the city of Avondale near Pheonix and her birth father was not too far, forty miles away in Chandler, Arizona. Yes, Amy, was the daughter Will Russell had abandoned 23 years ago. Amy was now determined to look for her family. It was the age of internet and many people had managed to find their long-lost relatives, lovers or acquaintances via Facebook, it would not be too surprising if Amy managed to do it too.

Two Parts Of The Story

Will had separated from Amy’s birth mother so Amy’s search was going to be diverse as she would have to look for her biological mother AND father who were no longer together. Facebook was not of much help as Amy could not find her parents or anyone who could be related to her. Her determination, however, attracted the universe’s attention and her adoptive mother became a source of a news that solved half a mystery.