Attachment is a feeling that could either lead to vulnerability or result in a positive life-changing experience. A person doesn’t need to get attached to a person only. There are many cases where we have seen humans getting attached to a particular material or other species. A perfect example to glorify other kinds of attachment is a pet-owner relationship. This attachment is beyond measures. Here is a similar story dignifying attachment with a series of amazing events.

The Display

Some people tend to love animals more than they love humans. To them, animals are everything and to treat them properly is their only mission. Many people show that they are animal lovers and share many photographs of their pets to get a good amount of likes and comments on social media.

Animal Lovers

A true lover does not believe in the pretenses. No matter how occupied the person is he or she would make time for the people or the things they like. In that case, animal lovers like Jacqueline DeAmor are the perfect specimen to showcase how animal lovers should be like.

Jacqueline DeAmor

Jacqueline DeAmor is the co-founder of The Friends for Life Rescue Network. She is extremely attached to animals and wants each animal to be loved by someone or the other. With this thought alone, she headed on to build up a company which is more of a dream job for her.

Rescue Network

The Friends for Life Rescue Network is a team of animal lovers operating from Los Angeles, California. The main motive of this association is to make sure that strays and unwanted pets are kept safe, loved and taken care of. 

Finding Homes

The dedication of the members of Friends for Life Rescue Network made hundreds of animals in finding their new homes. They ensure that each animal is being taken care of and loved. They find abandoned or homeless animals and sustain them until they are fit and ready to be adopted by families across the city.

Cats And Dogs

When somebody talks about pets, cats and dogs are the first options that someone would readily put forth. Handling animals is similar to that of handling a human kid. One equally has to devote his or her time while parenting a pet. The time invested while parenting strengthens the bond between the two.